School Visits

There have been many archaeological digs during the last 60 years here in Mancetter, providing new and in-depth information about Roman life between the 1st and 4th Centuries AD

Let us be your guides as the children step back in time to discover Roman life:

  • What was it like to be a Roman soldier garrisoned at Mancetter’s Fort?
  • What did the Romans do for us? (local Roman pottery industry)
  • The Battle of Watling Street – Boudica’s last stand against the Romans

We have an amazing array of Roman objects to see, touch and feel

The Roman Mancetter & Boudica Heritage Centre hosts a very interactive time for groups, schools, colleges and other educational establishments.

School visits are of particular relevance to the National Curriculum Key Stage 2, however, visits can be tailored to focus on key topics required based around the Roman conquest of Britain

Professional guides and costumed characters immerse the children into Roman life.


Journey of Discovery & Learning

50 Max Children – 09.45 am – 2.45 pm (flexible)

Total time – 5 hours

 Exhibition entrance free

Donation £2.50 per child

09.45 – Arrive, Welcome & Housekeeping – 15 minutes

10.00 – Introduction to the Romans -30 minutes

  • Time Line – informative & interactive
  • Roman Empire/Caesar’s attempted invasion
  • Claudia’s successful invasion
  • Mancetter Fort and the Battle of Watling Street.


10.30 – (Break in to two pre-decided groups)


10.30 – Group 1 – A Roman Soldier experience – 50 minutes

  • Before the Romans arrived, what was Britain like under the Celts
  • What was a Roman soldier’s life like in a Legion/Fort?
  • The last battle between Boudica and the Romans
  • Interactive demonstration of military tactics (Students & props)

10.30 – Group 2 – A Roman Soldier experience – 50 minutes

  • What did the Romans do for us? (interactive Q & A)
  • Mancetter & Hartshill pottery industry
  • How pottery was made? (Kilns)
  • Touch and feel 2,000 year old pottery
  • Draw a Mortaria bowl/dish

12.15 – Lunch for both groups in the Bracebridge – 45 minutes (tea & coffee for adults)

13.00 – Both Groups – Crafting- 60 minutes (includes clear up time)

  • Mosaic flooring and Roman jewellery (two groups)
  • Draw a Roman Soldier/Boudica
  • Other activity


14.00 – Interactive re-fresh/summary session

  • Quick fun quiz using questions around the timeline, Roman soldiers, Boudica & pottery

14.45 – Close of the day (travel back to School)

  • Advanced booking required via Web-site with confirmation (all volunteers DBS checked)