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St. Peters Church


The Church of St. Peter dates from the 13th Century. Its solid bulk and squat tower, the upper parts of which date from the 15th Century, sits next to the black and white timber-framed Manor House and the Almshouses.

This is a well-kept church with the tower clearly visible on the east side of the Parish. In Mediaeval times Mancetter was larger than Atherstone which is why St Peter’s Church was the mother church and Atherstone part of the parish of Mancetter. However, by the 19th century, Atherstone had grown and was separated from Mancetter.

The church contains memorials to the two Mancetter Martyrs, Robert Glover who was burnt at the stake at Coventry in 1555 and Joyce Lewes, who was burnt at the stake at Lichfield in 1557.
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Roman Mancetter

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